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Welcome to Advanced Foot & Ankle Center, your experienced Board Certified Foot and Ankle Specialists in Vineland. We hope you find our website informative and helpful as you search for a Vineland podiatrist you can trust. We're confident you'll find an unmatched quality of care from the foot and ankle specialists at Advanced Foot & Ankle Center. Whether your foot or ankle problem is simple or complex we can help.

Foot and ankle pain is never normal. Bearing the brunt of your entire body's weight, when your feet ache, your entire body aches. With proper diagnosis and treatment, most foot and ankle problems can be treated successfully. Dr. Jeffery S. Katz, Dr. Joseph A. Bisignaro,  Dr. Jordan A. Katz & Dr. Benjamin L Marder will listen to your symptoms and provide you with an individualized treatment plan to return you to those activities you enjoy the most!

5 helpful things you can do that we would greatly appreciate :

1. Make an appointment on the day that the problem exists : We can better evaluate and advise a plan to fix the problem  if you come in on a day when you are feeling the symptoms.

2. Bring the shoe that causes the most pain: that way we can evaluate the fit and make a better recommendation. for example your feet hurt worst in work boots bring them with you.

3. Be specific: when filling out the New Patient Forms be as specific as you can and fully fill  out the history of present illness portion which involves: nature, location, duration, onset, course, aggravating factors and previous treatment.  The more information that we get the more we can help!

4. Follow Directions: We understand that daily stretches, medications, soaking, etc. take time out of your daily life.  But we wouldn't take the time to explain and to give  these instructions if we didn't feel it would help you tremendously.  That said if you have any side effects or discomfort from our recommendations certainly please call the office so that we may modify.

5. let us know: This is very important ! We want to know what is going on.  Give us a call between appointments if you have any problems or concerns.  We like to catch problems early on. For example if you are diabetic even if you have a small blister or minor injury we would rather see you promptly as opposed to waiting 3 weeks until your nail care appointment.  If you're bandage  gets wet after surgery or you are taking a medication that making you sick please let us know promptly don't wait until scheduled appt. If you were doing well but then experience a recurrence of same problem let us know ! When we recommend a treatment and it works and you don't keep your follow-up appointment we would like to know you are doing well ! We like to keep tabs on how well different treatments work for different problems so we can better treat future patients.  Your feedback is extremely important for the next patient that comes in with your similar injury. So pay it forward and let us know.

As you browse our website, check out our services page for the complete list of services we offer. We specialize in treating a full range of foot and ankle conditions, such as:

We also encourage you to look around our staff, office and new patient pages to learn more about our doctors, payment policies and new patient procedures. Our patient education library boasts pages and pages of helpful information about foot and ankle symptoms, conditions and procedures.

Our doctors and staff take the time to listen to your concerns, and then use the latest treatments and technologies to treat them. Let Advanced Foot & Ankle be your choice for podiatrist in Vineland for all of your foot and ankle needs.

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